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Your service has been a powerful source to my Forex knowledge and understanding

People that offer a great and faithful service like this are very scarce. Instead of providing a fruitful service like your, they turn it to internet fraud.

Your service has been a powerful source of elevator to my Forex knowledge and understanding. In fact I don't know what I would have been without this type of service. I was improved in profit, knowledge and practice.

Thank so much.
Peter Olasemi

This is a great resource! You will know going into a news announcement how it may affect your trade

If you are a seasoned trader, you know the impact news events can have on your position - both good and bad.

So this is a great resource! You will know going into a news announcement how it may affect your trade, so you can make a wise decision based on the numbers."

Bob Ross

Henry’s ebook about Fundamental News Trading COMPLETELY changed my approach NOT only to trading the news, but...Forex Market in general… …Most traders would rather choose the complicated method, rather than an easy and simple one because they think that trading couldn’t be this easy...”

Adam F., Australia
Oct. 8 2008

Henry's report is accurate on most occasions and if followed will certainly lead to positive gains

I have been receiving the "Daily News Alert" from Henry Liu since April 2008 and must attest to the fact that this report is very informative, consistently on time and gives great analysis of the Forex market and news that may affect currencies.

I look forward to this daily report considering that  I  am new to Forex trading and found this very useful source that offers me such great information and guidance.

While no one can predict the currency movements a 100 %, I must say that Henry's report is accurate on most occasions and if followed will certainly lead to positive gains for traders.

I would highly recommend Henry's report to persons who really want a positive and honest guidance with Forex trading.

I look forward to this report daily and eagerly awaits the e-book that is to be published shortly.

Fantastic work, Morris

If only this EBook was around when I first starting trading the Forex market I would have made a lot more pips by now; and also saved a lot of my hard-earned money by not entering ill-informed and misguided trades based solely on technical analysis.

Bruce Thompson
Oct. 2008

From the Desk of Henry Liu

Headquarter of

Miami, FL U.S.A.

Wednesday, October 2009

8:33 am NY Time

Dear Forex Traders:

Are you interested in Forex news trading but find the whole process just a little too complicated?

Or you just thought it takes too much time commitment to analyze the news and read tons of reports just so you can take a simple trade?

What about this one, unless you've got a degree in macroeconomics, you can't possibly make money trading currency news releases...

Not mentioning the cost of maintaining a newswire service, such as Bloomberg, which costs $1700 a month...

If any of the above is true for you, then I've got fantastic news. Watch my Forex Tricks Video and once you see this amazing trick, you'll kick yourself for not using it sooner...

As a matter of fact, this simple trick will prevent you from taking a trade in the wrong direction, as many novice Forex news traders do sometimes, and it takes the complex procedure of figuring out whether or not you have a tradable release, this is what I call a true WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) trading...

If you'd like to receive more videos and free Forex trade signals, please signup below to my newsletter.

Thank you,






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