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I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this information

Hi Henry.....This is just a note to thank you for the daily Forex market performance report and trading news outlook....

This information is very valuable to me and I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this information...

Many thanks,
Raymond Smith

It completely opened my eyes to how Forex trading is truly done.

Henry Liu's NewsProfiteer is absolutely fantastic! It completely opened my eyes to how forex trading is truly done. I can't praise the guy enough! If you're a newbie to forex trading do not waste your time with anything else out there. Get the NewsProfiteer today and join Henry's trade room. You'll never look back I will promise you that!

MPP, Florida USA
Dec. 2008


…We are professional money managers ourselves, and before we found Henry, were almost exclusively technical traders. now we are being converted because of our success marrying his fundamental analysis to our learning engine.

Russell Magarity, USA
Dec. 2008

Your expected range of movement on the news has saved my account many times

Hi Henry, thanks for the daily newsletter and for sharing your research and insight. As a beginner and often-confused trader, I found your daily take as a good moment of lucidity in seeing the facts and news for what they really are. Especially your expected range of movement on the news has saved my account many times…

That means a lot for a small account... Please keep up the good work and do not give up on us…

Mike Hordila

Henry is almost always on the money

I've been reading Henry's daily email for about 6 months. I find it to be invaluable. Henry is almost always on the money. His foresight as good as my hindsight - 20/20, which is why I bought his book on news trading, and subscribe to his Newsprofiteer service. Thank you and Merry Christmas Henry!

Tim Challenor London, UK
Dec. 2008

From the Desk of Henry Liu

Headquarter of

Miami, FL U.S.A.

Tuesday, October 2009

8:32 am NY Time


Dear Forex Traders:

Forex News Trading is probably one of the most lucrative methods to trading.  As the Currency Market is highly susceptible to overreaction, there are lots of opportunities for profit.  But since there are literally hundreds of economic news events scheduled per month, how do you know which ones to trade? 

The answer is my "Tradable News Trigger report", which gives you my short list of tradable news events, along with their triggers and movement ranges, that took literally 3 years of hard work in the making, trading every news release under the sun, and finally narrow down through the process of elimination to this 1-page report.  If this report was available when I was starting out, I would have saved tons of money, not to mention the time waste trying out those obvious untradeable news events. 

This is my gift to you, free of charge, no obligation whatsoever, just complete the form below.  It is in Adobe PDF format.


If you want to find out more information on my trading system, and perhaps signup for an one-on-one coaching, then please visit my Mentoring Page.  Henry Liu's Forex News Trading System - Mastermind Mentoring System


Thank you,





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