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-Henry Liu  

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Here are the facts: My Live Account Statement from Hotspot FX, a reputable Forex Broker, showed that I opened the account with $75,000 of initial deposit and closed the account in less than 3 short months with over $101K in profit.

Here's break down:

  • March 2008 = $59,675.46
  • April 2008 = $25,996.98
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After paying broker fees, and tons of other miscellaneous fees, I took out exactly $169,912.80 total, from an initial deposit of $75,000, or $$94,912.80 of Net Profit...

As a matter of fact, I only traded the first 2 weeks in May 2008, and took the rest of the months off...

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Dear Forex Trader:

     My name is Henry Liu... and I have discovered some extremely effective yet embarrassingly little-known almost "insider" information that will improve YOUR trading overnight guaranteed!  I am so confident that this information works, I will even let you try it for free if you want...

     Here is what it's all about: You see, most Forex traders are technical traders.  They look at candlestick charts, draw trendlines, calculate Fibonacci retracements, throw in some MACD  & Stochastics, wait for everything to line up, and then click on that order button, with fingers crossed behind the back... 

     But it's a HUGE mistake to think only technical, the professionals who make a living trading Forex understand this... but not always in the right way.  A lot of pros will twist your ear talking about how MENTAL trading is, controlling your emotion of greed and fear is the key to everything, and all that...

     They have a point too.  You can't ignore the mental part of trading on Monday and expect to have a profitable week on Friday...

     But there is a VERY CRITICAL fact that almost everyone misses.  And until you understand this "missing link" fact, you will NEVER be good at Forex. Never.

     Listen: You're going to be just as thrilled as I am once you see what I'm talking about here.  It will change everything about Forex for you... and it will:

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It's So Simple! (Even a Caveman can do it...)

     Have you ever had a dream where you traveled to the future in 2030 and came back with charts of every currency pair for the past 30 years?  You know,  knowing the outcome of every market event beforehand and rake in mad pips, making you probably richer than Bill Gates or George Soros in less than a couple of months...

     As silly as it sounds - and believe me, I realize this sounds too good to be true - this

"missing-link" secret is really like suddenly discovering you can do something that no one else seems to do.

     That's because this "missing link" to great Forex trading has nothing to do with technical analysis... nothing at all to do with the "mental" side of your trading... and nothing at all to do with anything that any regular Forex Guru would try to "teach" you...

     You want to know what this secret "missing link" is? Of course you do. And I'm going to reveal it to you. Right now.

     Are you ready for this?  Are you sitting down?  The secret is...

Fundamental News!

     That's right!  Forget about all of the technical analysis and how to control your emotions... and forget about money management rules and risk to reward ratios and everything else you THOUGHT was important to trading Forex.

     The plain fact is... and this is what separates great traders from Gurus-that-can't-trade-so-they-teach... every currency pair, every price action, and every order placed, are results of Fundamental News releases.

     It's the Fundamental News.  Not Technical Analysis.  Not Mental Discipline.  Fundamental News.

     What you THINK you know about the market is NOT what is actually happening.  What you - and me, and every other Forex traders who's ever lost money trading (about 95% of us...) - don't realize is that...

Currency Market Moves Because Of
Fundamental News Releases!

     Taking advantage of fundamentals is ALL that separates the pro trader from the wannabes.

     And the best part is... You don't need to be an economists or have a degree in finance to make money with news.

     Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading.  Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives.  Let's call them "John" and "Henry".

    John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line.  But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable.

     John, later in his life, is the guy you might find frequenting discussion forums, public online trade (chat) rooms, posting some amazing trades, but never ever show you his live account statement... that is, if he even have a live account at this point.

     Henry, on the other hand, early on senses that there must be more to Forex trading than just looking at the chart. He may not understand the fundamental news effect to the world economy, but he makes a simple adjustment in the way he looks at trading. Despite the warning from die-hard technical traders to ignore the news, he trusts his intuition and does what's right... not what people told him.

     Henry becomes a professional trader.  You never see him frequenting Forex discussion forums, or online trade rooms, because he's too busy making a fortune in his live account...

     This is NOT a bogus comparison.    You CANNOT become a successful Forex trader as long as you think and act like 95% of Forex traders, who end up losing.

     The plain fact is... you can have just the simplest understanding to technical analysis (like just some simple support and resistance)... and STILL make money trading. But ONLY if you've learned to use fundamental news in your trading.

     Okay, I'm not going to tease you any more. I can't teach you Fundamental trading in this article, because I've got to show you visually with illustrations and charts. You've got to SEE it.

     But once you do, you're golden.

     Therefore... I've arranged for you to learn this amazing secret - in an E-book - without risk.  It will take you about a few hours to sit and read through it... Then, follow the guidelines in Chapter 12 and spend 30 minutes to prepare your trading for the entire week.

     And that's it.  You'll have incorporated Fundamental in your trading.

     The result:  You'll never get caught on the wrong side of the market... plus ... you'll instantly add 20~30 Pips to every trade that you take by taking advantage of a move before anyone else...

     Simple.  Fast.  Effective.

     And... if it doesn't work to change your trading forever... you aren't out a penny... You'll have seen this amazing secret absolutely for...


     Here's the deal: I have been sharing only a small fraction of this "insider" information in my daily newsletter to thousands of traders for the past 15 months, and every single day I get emails telling me on how much profit they were making as a result of reading my newsletter...

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"I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this information..."

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This information is very valuable to me and

I have experienced much more consistent profits since using this information...

Many thanks,

Raymond Smith

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when trading. I review it every day. I recommend your service to any serious trader."

Thanks again,

Bill Quackenbush

"the US ADP came out higher than expected and I promptly short GBP/USD per your recommendation for a quick 40 pips profit."

"I'm grateful for your newsletter each day as it provides a roadmap in the forex market for new traders like myself.  

For example, this morning the US ADP came out higher than expected and I promptly short GBP/USD per your recommendation for a quick 40 pips profit."

Chet Kan

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It is highly reccomended for all forex traders all over the world. your system is the very best. I am from nigeria."

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 The Embarrassing Truth Is...

     I had to leave so much information out because I wouldn't want to send a 100-page newsletter just to have some overzealous spamblocker sucking it into Internet blackhole and destroy it forever...

     See, most Forex traders are afraid of fundamental news analysis.  They think fundamentals are for those Wall Street types who wear fancy suits or professors who teach Economics 101.  But nothing is further from the truth!

     Most traders with this type of mentality just cannot believe the problems with their trading and the answer to their consistency could possibly be a simple 30 minutes a week of preparation.  They would rather spend thousands of dollars on lessons, proprietary trading tools, trying to fix something that isn't broken.

     So... I've put together an E-book, combining all of my knowledge of making money trading news, in the simplest layman terms (I don't have a degree in economics, and I have never traded for a bank), for traders (like you) who realize that the answer to successful Forex trading CAN be this simple.

     Here are some topics that I've covered:

3 highly effective ways to trade news releases, allowing you to maximize profit no matter what broker(s) you use...  Some brokers discourage news trading and widen spreads at news release times, others use slippage to fill your order with the worst possible entry; My second and third news trading methods will eliminate your risk of getting screwed by these nasty tricks.
Take advantage of Market Sentiment: I'll show you how to identify market sentiment and take advantage of it in your trading. You see, the market is constantly trying to price in future events and if the market thinks that a news release is going to be positive, it will favor that currency.  I'll show you how to identify this sentiment and cash in on the pre-movement of the market...
Learn to identify Daily Market Cycles:  Currency market has regular market flows that affect its daily range, volume, and timing. In Chapter 13 of my E-book, you'll learn how to identify these normal flow cycles and use them to your advantage.  As a matter of fact, I regularly enter my trades based on this information and gain on average 20~30 pips extra per trade.
And so much more...

     Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of information you'll learn, it's a lot like learning to drive a stick-shift. While it may be hard to learn how to change shift, release the clutch while stepping on gas at beginning, once you've mastered it, that's ALL there is to it.  No need to go back to school for two years or subscribe to The Wall Street Journal...

     This E-book doesn't waste a lot of time trying to be an encyclopedia of some sort.  It's just honest and straight forward.  It's not a comprehensive Forex trading course you're after... it's the secrets to make money with news. And anyway... all you really need is to know what are important news, how to trade them, and how to squeeze every last pip out of your trades, you know, the good stuff... besides, you're going to be thrilled by the:


Bonus #1 "Daily Newsletter"

You'll receive daily alerts on high impact, tradable News Releases scheduled for the next day.

There're hundreds of different news releases per months, and many of them affect the currency market.  My daily report will help you identify which news releases have a stronger impact, and how to manage your trade accordingly.

I'll also show you how to take advantage of the news releases, and how to interpret the data for proper entry trades and exit strategies.

Bonus #2 "Free 30-Day Membership to Weekly Outlook"

Every Sunday I publish my weekly outlook for the coming week.  I talk about Market sentiment, upcoming fundamental news to watch out for, and any long term trend changes or abnormal market movements.

As a matter of fact, I encourage everyone to spend "30 minutes" a week to prepare ahead, and by sharing with you my own Weekly Outlook analysis, you are essentially getting a "on job" training.

This service is valued at $99 per month.  I spend usually 4~5 hours in my research to check my sources, put them down in writing, then post  in the membership site.

I also send out special alerts for extreme market condition. This special information is reserved only for my E-book students.

You'll get a Free 30-day access to my Weekly Outlook, then if you decide to keep the membership, instead of paying $99 per month, you'll only have to pay $49.  You are special in my book.


Bonus #3  "Free Special Report: Tradable News Cheat Sheet"

For the past 3 years of so, I have been documenting economic news releases and their impacts to the Forex market.

It was not a simple or easy task, as I had to first determine what news releases are tradable, what are the safe deviations (surprise factors) that would move the market, and what are expected range of movements in pips.

As a special thank-you gift, I am going to give you a special news trading [Cheat Sheet] Report that covers:

All US Major Tradable News
All UK Major Tradable News
All Canada Major Tradable News
All Australia Major Tradable News
All New Zealand Major Tradable News

 In this report, you'll be able to save time by knowing ahead what news are worth trading; you'll also maximize your earnings by knowing what kind of movements to expect per these tradable news releases, and best of all, you'll know all of the deviations ahead of time to plan your entries with accuracy and precision.  If this report was available when I was starting out, I would gladly pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for it...


If You Can Afford Starbucks...
You Can Afford My E-book!

      I have been pursuit by marketers to put together a video, a live seminar, and couple of audio CDs along with this E-book for thousands of dollars per person.

     As a matter of fact, I've been planning to do just that in the next few months. But until then, I want to make my E-book as affordable as possible...

     What I'm offering is equivalent to a life-changing opportunity... think about it for a second... if you can consistently make money trading Forex, it's like having your own Money Tree growing right in your backyard...

     Best of all, if you just stop going to Starbucks for a month, you should be able to afford my E-book... for only $197

     So here's what to do now:  Click Here To Order online and download your copy of NewsProfiteer E-book.  The cost is $197, and you can use Credit Card or Paypal... but you don't risk a penny of that, because you've got my...

Personal 100% Money-Back

     This guarantee give you a FULL 60 Days to sit on this information, try it out immediately or work into your trading gradually, and THEN decide if you benefited or not.  If you aren't happy, for any reason whatsoever, just send me an email and I'll personally make sure you get a fast refund of your $197.  No questions asked.  I trust your judgment completely.

     And you get to keep your bonuses, for free as a thank you for trying my E-book. 

     And that's all there is to it.  Very simple "fix" to eliminate all inconsistencies in your trading. Instantly add 20~30 Pips to every trade that you take, and always put you on the right side of the market.

     And... if you don't see results immediately, just email me for a refund. You'll be rushed every penny of your purchase price, no questions asked, no hassles what-so-ever.

     Amazing stuff here, a MUST-SEE for any serious trader.


     Trust me on this one.



              Henry Liu

Order Your Copy for only $197!

Upon payment completion, I'll immediately send you an email with all of the details of the order.


Want to trade news releases but don't know where to start?

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Occasionally I'll also share my views on Market Sentiment, and it is known to sometimes cause my subscribers' accounts explode with profit. You need to get started right NOW.

Also I hate spam too! I'll never sell, lease, or rent your information out.  You are safe with me.  You can unsubscribe at any time, there is no obligation whatsoever, you got my word on it.

-Henry Liu

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     P.S.  By the way, before you dismiss this offer as one of those-who-can't-trade-so-they-teach type of E-book, I just wanted you to know that's not the case here.  I have included my REAL LIVE ACCOUNT statement , not a Demo account, in case there's any doubt. 


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"Definitive Guide to Fundamental News Tradiing" - E-book on Forex news trading with money-making strategies that made over 126% (or over $100K) gain in my live trading account in less than 90 days...


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